Accommodation Discount Coupon

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You can get the accommodation discount coupon for JPY1, 000 off the price

Accommodation Discount CouponAccommodation Discount Coupon

A discount coupon is available by every purchase of 4 advance tickets. You will get JPY1,000 off discount for the accommodation plans which are carried in websites of the following tie-up hotels by using this coupon.

*Per one night for one group (2 persons or more), 1 discount coupon is available.
From the second night (consecutive stay), the way of use will conform to the regulation of the hotel.
*The discount coupon is available only for the accommodation plan that is carried in the website of the tie-up hotels.
The coupon is unavailable for plans of travel agencies and tourism agent websites, such as "Jalan" and "Rakuten".
*Valid period is from Dec. 1, 2020 to Apr. 30, 2021.
*This ticket can be combined with Go To Travel Campaigne.

[How to Use]
1. When you make a reservation, please tell the hotel that the discount coupon will be used. (Indispensable)
2. Please show the discount coupon at the front desk of the hotel when you check in.
3. Please understand that the discount coupon is unavailable for some accommodation plan.

Tie-up Hotels

This discount tickets for 2020-2021 season has ended. Thank you for using.