To Visitors Requesting Original Data of Our Photographs

About the Request for Original Data of Our Photographs

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation on our reports of ski areas and trekking areas.
We do not proactively furnish original data of our photographs to a third party, actually. However,
we accept a request for original data after the payment of processing fee as follows, if we have a request from our visitors.

1. Visitor’s Own Photograph
1,100 yen (taxes included) per photograph

Please put information of the photograph (Ski Area, Date, and Order from the top) on the request form.
Example:Hakuba Happo-one, Dec. 8, 2016, the second photo from the top.
2. Other Photographs except the Above-stated Photograph
Please ask us. However, you can never sell or resell the photograph to a third party.
3. Procedure for Request
Please transfer the processing fee to the following bank account and send your request by the request form. We will send original data of the photograph by attachment of E-mail or Taku-File-Bin (File Sending Service) in jpg. format.

Hachijuni Bank Hakuba Branch (Saving Account) 133568 Snownavi Co., Ltd
Japan Post Bank 11110-2626411 Snownavi Co., Ltd

*If you transfer the processing fee by the account of Japan Post Bank, the transfer fee is free.
**You can transfer the processing fee only in Japan. We do not accept the remittance from abroad.

4. Attention
If you transfer the fee to the account of Japan Post Bank from the other banks, please designate the following bank account.
[Beneficiary Bank] 118 [Bank Code] 118 [Account Type] Saving Account [Beneficiary Account Code] 0262641
[Beneficiary name] Snownavi Co., Ltd

Request Form for Original Data of Photographs

Name or Nickname
E-mail (Confirmation)
Date of the Report Including Your Photograph Year Month Day
Year Month Day *Required
Ski Areas
Order from the Top

Have you filled out all of the necessary information on the request form?


Report (Photography and Coverage) Policy

Regarding our reports including photography and coverage in ski areas, we establish Report (Photography and Coverage) Policy for obtaining cooperation and understanding of the guests and staffs in ski areas and all who has a possibility of being photographed.

Basic Policy
We make reports of ski areas, nearby facilities and areas for broadening the appeal of ski areas and snowy mountains.
We conduct our duties with awareness of responsibility as the press.
As for the persons in our photographs, we will not probe his/hers personal information and do act that lacks common sense.

  1. 1. In order to show the condition of the snow and courses, we use photographs with big figures of persons. We place photographs of persons in our website without their consent in such case that we cannot ask them whether we can use their photographs because they are skiing or snowboarding down.

  2. 2. In the case of Clause 1, if the photograph has a so clear figure of a person that a third party who does not know him/her is able to recognize him/her by the photograph, we will not use the photograph, except for the case that a third party is not able to recognize the person because of his/her goggle or face mask.

  3. 3. Whether the person is skiing or snowboarding or not, if the photographs have his/her clear figure, we will ask permission to carry the photographs to him/her on the spot. However, in the case like events that there are too much people to ask permission, we cannot ask each person whether we can carry the photographs. Besides, if the figure of the person is so blurred at the processing stage that a third party cannot recognize him/her, we will use the photographs.

  4. 4. Regarding Clause 1, 2 and 3, when we have an offer from the person who is in our photographs or his/her relative, we will respond to the offer by replacement or deletion of the photograph.

  5. 5. We will summarize the contents and comments that we have interviewed. If our reports have untruths or mistakes, please contact and tell us.

  6. 6. We will use the photographs that we have taken as materials of our website, like ski area reports. In addition to that, the photographs would be used as materials of websites and printed matter of our sponsors. The photographs will be used under the conformation to Clause 2 and 4.

  7. 7. Regarding all of our photographs carried in our website, reprinting and reproduction to any other mediums (websites, printed matter and so on) and direct or indirect use for commercial purpose are prohibited.

  8. 8. We do not proactively furnish original data of our photographs to a third party (except our sponsors). However, as for only the persons or groups who have cooperated with our reports, we will accept their request for original data of their photographs if we have an offer from them, so please contact us by E-mail. After payment of processing fee, we will furnish the data.