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Snownavi is・・・
A company that is running a tourist information portal site of Hakuba, Myoko-kogen and Shiga-kogen.
The marked characteristic of Snownavi is・・・
The report as represented by the ski area report and trekking report.
In order for the tourists who come to the 3 areas (Hakuba, Myoko-kogen, Shiga-kogen) to enjoy the life in the snow resorts and mountain resorts fully, we transmit the information of tourist spots, based on the areas.
Provision to any third party
We will not provide any personal information of our guests to any third party without the consent of the guests, except for the cases as follows.
1. Required by law
2. Required immediately for the protection of human lives, health and property.
3. Required by the joint business with the partner company.

We are running a tourist information portal site that makes advertising more effective.

December, 1999 Snownavi Hakuba Established
December, 2003 Snownavi Myoko Established
November, 2005 Snownavi Shiga Established
Octorber, 2010 Snownavi Japan Established

Snownavi especially has strength in・・・
The number of page views. The top page of Snownavi has 25,000~30,000 hits and about 250,000~300,000 page views every day (December, 2010) and the number is much more than that of the official website of Hakuba (Tourism Commission of Hakuba Village) and of Otari.
Each website of the tie-up hotels has also as much traffic as that of the tourist association (according to the analytical value of access).
The ski area reports are updated with beautiful pictures every day!
In the summer season, we have regular reports of the trekking and tourist spots.
Ski area report (e.g.) Happo-one Trekking report (e.g.) Tsugaike Nature Park Special report (e.g.) Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

About advertisement

Standard Advertisement Rate of Accommodation Facilities
JPY32,240 (a year, tax included)
*From the second year JPY27,000 (a year, tax included)
Standard Advertisement Rate of Restaurants and Leisure Facilities
JPY6,480 (a year, tax included)
*Feature Page JPY21,600 (a year, tax included)
From the second year JPY16,200 (a year, tax included)

Company Profile

Head Office
Snownavi Co., Ltd
6330-3, Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano, 399-9301, Japan
December, 1999
Yosuke Enomoto
Tadakatsu Yaguchi
Major Banks
Hachijuni Bank Hakuba Branch, JA Daihoku Hakuba Branch, Nagano Bank Hakuba Branch, Matsumoto Shinkin Bank Hakuba Branch, Arai Shinkin Bank Taguchi Branch
Main Business Activities
1. Internet Advertisement
2. Planning, Construction and Design of the Website
3. Domain Acquisition and Hosting Service
4. Peripheral Support in the Website
5. Various Graphic Design
6. Various Printing (business cards, pamphlets and other printing service)
Major Clients
(Public Interest Corporations) Hakuba Society of Commerce and Industry / Tourist Associations of each ski area
(Private Corporations) HAKUBA RESORT DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. / Happo-one Development Co., Ltd. / Goryu Co., Ltd / Oito Co., Ltd. / Tsugaike Kanko Development Co., Ltd. / Iwatake Kanko Co., Ltd. / Oku Hakuba-kogen Development Co., Ltd. / Hakuba Alps Hotel Co., Ltd. / HAKUBA TOKYU HOTEL (and other about 250 companies)
We are recruiting cheerful colleagues to work together with us. Business alliance is also welcome.
Regular Employee: Sales Staff, the Web Director, the Web Designer
Business Alliance: Graphic Designer (experience of the WEB, DTP design is necessary)
Business Alliance: Photographer
Business Alliance: System Engineer (for Perl, PHP, JavaScript and other Web systems)
Outsourcing: Reporter (outdoor photography in ski areas)

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