Lift Ticket Discount Coupon

How to use
Print out this page (black and white is OK). Please fill your name, number of users, address, age and bring to the ticket office.
*When you buy lift tickets by using this coupon, please visit the central ticket office of Kashimayari Ski Resort or Nakatsuna Ticket & Information Office.
*Printer setup example: A4 Size, Portrait, No Scailing (100%)
Available Facilities (No refund on a payment less than \1,000)
Restaurant in Central Plaza 1130, Kashimayari Ski Resort
Validity Period
December 23, 2017 - March 18, 2018
Lift tickets may be cheaper at the ticket office on a special day, so please ask in advance.
*Up to 5 people may use this coupon at once. Cannot be combined with any other discount coupons.
*You can purchase the ticket only at the ticket office in the ski resort.
*Inquiry about the coupon … TEL.0261-23-1231 (Kashimayari Ski Resort)